Au Paine Doré

Posted on 25 September 2010 by Sammy

Au Paine Doré

On my first morning in Montreal, I asked the bellman at my hotel where the best place to have breakfast was. He recommended a French bakery not far from the Marriott Chateau Champlain (where I stayed).

Au Paine Doré is located on the North East corner of Saint Catherines and Peel. It is hard to miss with all the yummy looking bread in the window!

Au Paine Doré


Once inside you’ll find many other delicious things to eat!

Pastries & Desserts at Au Paine Doré

Baguettes at Au Paine Doré

Desserts at Au Paine Doré

Pastries at Au Paine Doré

Pastries at Au Paine Doré






And out of all the above selections, I went with a Croissant and an Apple Pastry.


Apple Pastry at Au Paine Doré


The croissant and the apple pastry was delicious! The pastry was so fresh and crisp. Really filling.


Look what I also took to go.

Au Paine Doré



Macarons and a chocolate eclair! Yum!


The macarons weren’t as good as I expected however, but they were still tasty.


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  1. how Says:

    yum! love macarons.

  2. mrptah Says:

    yum indeed.
    french bakeries are the best

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