Sushi Samba

Posted on 05 March 2011 by Sammy

Sushi Samba

About Sushi Samba

While I was in Chicago, we decided to try the famous Sushi Samba which offers a unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine, music and design. Through the energy and spirit that birthed in the early 20th century when thousands of Japanese travelled to South America to cultivate coffee plantations and make their fortune. It is because of this, places such as Lima in Peru and São Paulo in Brazil, these three distinct cultures have integrated and became a beautiful combination. And it is because of this, the experience you have at SushiSamba is a truly unique one. It is no wonder that SushiSamba has been so popular, expanding to five locations in the world’s most trendiest locations: NYC, Miami, Chicago and Las Vegas.

As you walk into SushiSamba you are greeted with amazing design and atmosphere. Especially by the way everybody dresses up to go to this place, you’ll wonder if you’ve walked into a lounge/bar or a restaurant.

Sushi Samba

Main Room


Sushi Samba

Sushi Bar


Sushi Samba

Sexy Red Hot Interior Design


I’m not exactly sure what we ordered because we left this up to the waiter to decide what to eat. Haha! There were way too many delicious choices on the menu and you can request the waiter make a four course set for you to your liking. He asked us a few questions on what we enjoyed, what we didn’t and he brought us quite an exquisite choice of items. I very much enjoyed this experience, and I had full trust in my waiter (maybe because he was amazingly hot and I was entranced by everything he said…) hahaha. Or maybe it was because I was happily enjoying my fruity alcoholic beverage which was AMAZING, by the way! Make sure you order the SambaJuice cocktail which was a combination of raspberry and watermelon infused rum, açai, passion fruit, créme de banana and guava – it’s was fckn out of this world. No jokes.


Sushi Samba

First Course: Chicharron Calamari with mint, tamarind, plantain

I don’t normally like calamari and I’ve had some pretty badly cooked calamari in the past.. but one piece of this and I was sold! I could not stop putting these into my mouth they were so good! Cooked to perfection, soft and chewy enough without being at all rubbery.


Sushi Samba


Sushi Samba

The sushi here was so fresh and tasty with such a unique blend of Japanese flavours with Brazilian spices and textures.


Sushi Samba

Squid, asparagus with sesame seed and scallops (?)


Sushi Samba


The four course menu was to die for and was about $55 a person. I’ve been raving about this place for months but when I’ve been asked to explain why it was so good – it was really hard to say. It’s something that you really need to try for yourself. Please trust me on this – you WILL be blown away.


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Sushi Samba Rio
504 North Wells Street
Chicago, IL 60654, United States
(312) 595-2300


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  1. Adam Says:

    Thanks for the wonderful review! We appreciate people who appreciate what we do!


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