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Posted on 08 March 2011 by Sammy

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When I was in Chicago, I had a bit of time to burn before heading to the airport for my flight back home. My wallet also evily showed that I had quite a bit of dough in that green fake monopoly kind of money that I always deem as fake in my head as I illogically seem to spend US money much more than any other currency.

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So I was walking up and down N. Michigan Ave in Chicago for a couple of hours (probably a bad idea in hindsight considering the multitude of things I ended up purchasing and had to shove it in my luggage just before I left for the airport) and ended up at the Kenneth Cole sale. Supposedly there was 40% off the whole store (except shoes), but despite that I ended up over at the shoes and wanting to try these very much talked about Kenneth Cole 925s.

So yes, they weren’t on sale and I ended up paying the full $160 for them but it just goes to show you how much marketing can really suck the weak like me in. That’s the “40% off” sale technique to get me in the store and the pretty silver box with pink bow.. but most of all the claim that these shoes are supposed to be your end-all solution to sore-feet in the office.

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Just as they’re named, your feet are supposed to thank you during the hours of 9 to 5 while they’re cramped in some form of heel because it’s a given fact that pretty shoes are the most uncomfortable. The designers at Kenneth Cole tried to defy that fact and provide a solution to all our feet problems as I know, by about 11am I already limping and allowing my feet some breathing time if I can sneak away and let no one see, or attending to some blister..

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This new technology includes a unique flaxseed pillow in arch molds to the shape of your foot, two layers of Poron® foam for shock absorption, cork and bonded cellulose comfort layers, supple, breathable sheepskin lining, soft, flexible rubber sole and impact-resistant nylon heel lift. Now while all those things sound like great things – it’s probably too sciency/techy for someone who just wants a shoe that gives me the comfort for work without having to resort to fugly man-like shoes. So despite all that sciency/techy business – is it comfortable? How does it compare?

Well the pillow inside is definitely comfortable. I hardly get pains in the ball of my feet, even though I ended up getting the Silver Fox version which is a 3.75″ heel. That’s right – I’m wearing what’s almost a 4 inch heel and I’m running around the office, running to meetings, running to catch the transit, running trying to keep up with my long legged counterparts and I get absolute no ball-pain. The foam for shock absorption definitely helps, especially when I’m walking on tiles and concrete. With many other heels, no matter how expensive, I often need to get the heel replaced and they’re normally made of plastic. The “impact-resistant nylon” heel provides an amazing difference to how I walk in heels as it also provides me with greater stability. But having said all of that, I still get blisters on the side (and just under) of my feet. Annoying – so not entirely comfortable there.

The first thing that I noticed when I looked at these shoes, is that it had some sort of arch support. For me, I have flat feet and I was delighted at the sight of this. I thought that maybe I can still wear super pretty heels and not have to worry about all my flat feet issues! For the first couple of weeks, I stopped wearing my custom made orthotics and wore this EVERYDAY, 9-5pm. I didn’t have any problems with my feet until about week 4 I had the stabbing pains again and knew that the arch support probably wasn’t sufficient enough to my needs. But for the average person – this should give you the sufficient support you need.

On another note, leather quality is fantastic. I’ve not had any issues with the shade of black fading either.

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In all – they’re a damn sexy heel and a good one too. I’ve been complimented on them a lot, especially since the silver heel is well, what can I say – damn sexy! I sure enjoy wearing these but after I ran 30 minutes to a client meeting in these (something you probably don’t want to do in any heel, especially a nearly 4″ inch) – I suffered from severe blistering for a couple of days and regretted that choice. I still think these are more comfortable than any other heel I’ve owned, even with orthotics put into my shoes (although it didn’t solve my flat feet problems as the orthotics do) – but this is because of the great amount of pillow comfort there is in the shoe which absorbs impact and shock from your feet. I must say though – I’m not sure how long the pillowing effect will be able to support my feet. As I said, the arch support no longer supports my arch as much as it used to and I expect that the level of shock absorption the foam provides to me will also start to decrease in due time.

I probably don’t regret paying $160 for them (considering I have much more expensive shoes) and I believe in paying good money for good shoes. So to cut it very very short: a great shoe, but still not a totally comfortable shoe. I’m not going to complain too much, because these are still an almost 4″ heel.. and so far, they’ve treated me better than any of my other heels (which are around a 1-3″ heel). I don’t know if they’re entirely worth $160, but definitely go for it if you’re absolutely sick of poor work heels being offered to you at the stores at the mall.


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  1. Genevieve Says:

    Oh lordy! You’ve just got me lemming these now!

    I have been in a forever search for a heel for work. Your description makes me want to hunt these far and wide.
    I’m not flat footed so sounds like it would suit me, plus I don’t normally get sore feet in heels.
    Genevieve recently posted..I Heart- Anthropologie Scarves

  2. Sammy Says:

    Let me know if you like them! :D

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