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Chippy’s Fish & Chips

Posted on 13 August 2011 by Sammy

Chippy's Fish & Chips Toronto

I was taken last year to Chippy’s by a friend who told me it was owned by the famous Toronto chef John Lee. Chippy’s is rated #2 Best Fish and Chips in Toronto, rated by BlogTO. It is located on trendy side of Toronto at Queens Quay West and is always packed full of people, and as such the service is slow. It’s quite expensive for fish & chips ($8.50 – $12) for just the fish), and I dislike that you have to pay extra for everything. That is, the chips ($3.75-$5.25) and then the sauces (tartare, mayo, etc).. and also for coleslaw! What kind of fish & chip charges for the chips and then the much loved tartare sauce?  In the end you end up paying almost $12-$18 for just fish & chips!

Nevertheless, the food is so delicious that I dare say that it is worth the premium price. The fish (from which you can choose Haddock, Cod, Halibut, Prawns and Scallops) is absolutely crispy and tasty each and everytime. The chips are super chunky, just the way I like it. I don’t quite like the packaging that it comes in – the small-Chinese-noodle-style-take-away-box that is overflowing with food that is hard to pack away. I also dislike that the food is soaked in oil that after eating half, makes you feel like vomiting and regretting everything you consumed. But still, for those first few bites – it is worth it. Trust me.

Chippy's Fish & Chips Toronto

Trinity Bellwoods Park (Toronto, Canada)

Chippy's Fish & Chips Toronto

Chippy's Fish & Chips Toronto

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  1. miss heidy Says:

    Ahh Chippy’s! That place was cool.  How is/was Summer treating you? Has it gotten colder yet? Your blog makes me miss TO. I’m so bored here in Perth :(

  2. Sammy Says:

    It has gotten colder :( :( Sad! Really, do you have any plans to come back to TO?

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