Salad King

Posted on 02 January 2012 by Sammy

Salad King (Toronto, Canada)

Salad King Restaurant Review

The infamous Thai Restaurant re-opened this year bigger and better. It is still located in the Yonge/Dundas area but is now situated across the street from its old location. The devastating incident whereby bricks collapsed over the old Salad King location probably gave them the publicity they deserved. They now have a much larger and modern location and is jam packed full of hungry people no matter what hour you visit.

The atmosphere at Salad King is always buzzing, with its cafeteria style tables. It’s kinda annoying since you’re sitting much closer to strangers than you’d like and when their food comes first, you can’t help but sit there and stare with your mouth watering and listening to every word of their conversation. I find that it becomes a competition of who can talk the loudest over the person next to you, and it’s just extremely difficult to have a pleasant conversation.

A great feature is the seats they have here as they have a compartment underneath for your coat, bag, etc. It wasn’t enough for my umbrella or a thick coat however so given the tight space between your left and right neighbour, coming to Salad King on a rainy cold day was quite annoying.

But despite all of this, the food here is definitely worth it. It’s no wonder they tried to pack as many people in here as possible as there is typically long lines to get in and they do not accept any reservations. It’s first come, first served and expect to wait unless you go and beat the rush. As soon as I step inside, my tummy starts rumbling and my tongue can’t help but hang outside my mouth. The desire to bang my hands on the table and demand food now becomes irresistible as I can smell the food coming out of the kitchen.

I’ve been to Salad King a couple of times now in which I’ve tried the Green Curry, Thai Basil Noodles, Hot Thai Noodles, Siam Noodles, Pad Thai Noodles and Khao Soi Noodles. Out of all the dishes, I must say that the Thai Basil is my favourite but I just love the taste of Thai Basil. The dishes always taste fresh and full of flavour.

But my most favourite feature of this restaurant is the ability to choose how many chilli’s you want in your dish. Some dishes already have a spicy sauce so it would be even spicier than the amount of chilli’s you pick. You can choose from the options: mild, medium, 1 chilli, 3 chilli’s, 5 chilli’s, 10 chilli’s, 15 chilli’s and 20 chilli’s. The hottest I’ve tried was 15 chilli’s and it was aweeeeeeeeesome but my stomach made a few noises afterwards. It was damn hot! I typically go with 5 or 10 chilli’s now depending on whether the sauce is already spicy or not. It’s difficult to find a restaurant that will have the courage to serve their patrons a decent amount of spice so that’s why I love Salad King. Salad King is my most favourite place to go for decent Thai cuisine.


Salad King Photos

Salad King (Toronto, Canada)

Salad King (Toronto, Canada)

Salad King (Toronto, Canada)

Salad King (Toronto, Canada)

Salad King (Toronto, Canada)

Salad King (Toronto, Canada)

Salad King (Toronto, Canada)

Salad King (Toronto, Canada)

Salad King (Toronto, Canada)

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  1. Grace Says:

    I agree Salad King is definitely worth a visit. I LOVE their pad thai’s =D your pictures make me hungry haha 

  2. HOGGER & Co. Says:

    It looks much nicer than before! I had such a bad meal there, and never went back.    

  3. Vickie Says:

    I still haven’t been to this location…. seeing your post make me want to go back right away =P

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