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Rafting in the Ottawa River

Posted on 08 July 2012 by Sammy

Country Road Panorama (ON, Canada)

In the summer of 2011, we went on a small road trip venturing out with the sole purpose of rafting in the Ottawa river. I was told that the views that could only be seen by kayaking or rafting through the river were breathtakingly beautiful. Having not seen much of the outskirts of Canada, I was pretty excited to be blown away. About 5-6 hours away from Toronto, is what is known as “Whitewater Rentral” – a place where most go to for not only an adventurous day of rafting and kayaking but golfing, camping and cross-country skiiing too.

We paid for a half day out with RiverRun Rafting for $135 per person, which takes you down the full river on a 12-passenger raft and includes lunch/dinner, river gear (except wetsuits) and use of the resort facilities. At the end of the night, you get a video review of you adventure and you have the option to purchase.

Honestly, we were a bit disappointed about the trip. I suppose we were expecting there to be more rapids and for them to be harsher and more extreme. Most of the time was spent waiting to go onto the next rapid. I think the problem was that there were too many rafts going at the same time, limiting other boats to ride the same rapid. Not only did we have to wait, I felt that we waited for loooongg periods of time where I just lost interest in what we were doing. This was especially true because of the other 10 members of our team who loved to talk and not really concentrate on rafting.

Also, there were large parts of the river that were still water. At these points we took the opportunity to rest and swim in the water. I did not really care for this because we felt that we paid a large amount of money to raft and not really to swim. As such, the excitement that came with our trip probably was only half of what we were expecting but on a good side our guide was extremely knowledgable, attentive, and patient. He made sure we were all safe – no one on our boat got thrown off, and I never felt that I was ever in danger.

In all we still had an enjoyable time. The views were gorgeous and I really did feel like I was in the heart of Canada doing a true Canadian activity. Unfortunately I do not have actual photos of us rafting as I did not bring a waterproof camera with me at the time but I’m sure I won’t forget the memories from that day.

Ottawa River (ON, Canada)

Ottawa River (ON, Canada)

Sammy at RiverRun Rafting in Ottawa River (ON, Canada)

RiverRun Rafting in the Ottawa River (Ontario, Canada)



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