Mysteriously Yours (Mystery Dinner Theatre)

Posted on 08 October 2012 by Sammy

Mysteriously Yours (Mystery Dinner Theatre) [Toronto, Canada}

Last month I had the opportunity to dine at Mysteriously Yours that is located up at Yonge & Davisville in Toronto, Canada. It is a Mystery Dinner Theatre and has just celebrated 25 years of success.

I spoke to both Lili and Brian Caws, the owners of Mysteriously Yours, as to how they came up with the idea of creating such a unique dinner experience in Toronto. Brian came from the theatre world and Lili came from the restaurant world and the two of them combined their ideas to entertain Torontonians for a hilarious night of murder mystery. And yes, it really was hilarious.

I normally get quite freaked out solving murders (even if it is a kids game such as Ace Attorney – where you play a lawyer or Professor Layton where you play a professor in both solving the mystery of a murder). It somehow stroke a nerve with me and I would shudder and yes I know those are kids games!

But Mysteriously Yours had a fine way of unraveling the intricacies of the ‘incident’ and the all the characters involved in a comical and witty way. Each line was packed of puns and innuendos. I thing I love most is how they smoothly incorporated the audience and interacted with them. We became part of the story line!


Panorama of the Mysteriously Yours Dining Room

Panorama of the Mysteriously Yours Dining Room

We arrived early and was seated a lovely curved half moon booth up at the back near the centre. I love booths because it’s comfortable, roomy and best of all intimate. I thought that we would have difficulty viewing the stage from all the way up at the back but we quickly realised that this was not a problem at all. In fact, you get the hottest seats in the house from any one seat as the actors often travel through the room and despite them not using a microphone of any sort, their voices were highly audible. This is extremely important to make sure you follow the story correctly and pick up all the clues given to you.

Mysteriously Yours (Mystery Dinner Theatre) [Toronto, Canada}

Our Table

Mysteriously Yours (Mystery Dinner Theatre) [Toronto, Canada}

The decor here was lovely and sets the mood for an interesting evening

Mysteriously Yours (Mystery Dinner Theatre) [Toronto, Canada}

Sammy with Lili Caws (Owner) and Rossy Earle (Executive Chef)

The experience starts at 6:30pm and once you are seated, you are given the menu selection for your 3 course dinner. The dining room quickly filled up and soon we realized it was a packed house, a typical Saturday night here at Mysteriously Yours. I spoke with the Rossy Earle (@PanCanCooks), the Executive Chef here at Mysteriously Yours about the challenges of making sure everyone gets their meal on time who works hard to ensure each plate is made with freshness, care and most delectability. It surely must be difficult to ensure the timeliness of everyone’s meal without sacrificing quality, so Rossy explained that it was absolutely key to keep close to an efficient process! You must be wondering that it must be stressful being an Executive Chef at Mysteriously Yours but even after all that work, she still had a smile on her face because she sure loves her job! What a great gal you are Rossy. Knowing that your food comes from a chef who loves what they do is comforting.

Mysteriously Yours (Mystery Dinner Theatre) [Toronto, Canada}

We started off our meal with a M.Y Salad – Spinach salad with cherry tomatoes, red onion, walnuts & creamy Stilton vinaigrette. The salad was fresh, and the dressing was tasty and creamy.

Mysteriously Yours (Mystery Dinner Theatre) [Toronto, Canada}

Our Main Course was a Potato Crusted Baked Salmon served with tartar sauce, basmati rice & vegetables. The best thing on this plate was sure the tartar sauce. It was tangy, just the way it should be. I loved that the salmon was baked (healthier), but my preference is to have the salmon a little juicier. I wasn’t sure what the vegetable was but it was quite bitter and hard to chew, I would have preferred the dish to be complemented with a more neutral vegetable such as some asparagus or broccoli which is also softer. However, I really enjoyed eating it all together with the basmati rice.

Mysteriously Yours (Mystery Dinner Theatre) [Toronto, Canada}

For dessert we had the Chocolate Brownie served with Bailey’s Irish Cream chocolate ganache & whipped cream. Now if you love chocolate you are going to love this. It was deeply rich in chocolate flavour, and paired with the cream it had great balance.

Mysteriously Yours (Mystery Dinner Theatre) [Toronto, Canada}

The Daily Chef Dessert was the Strawberry Cheesecake with Cream. I was pretty happy to have this as I just am in love with cheesecake. I skipped the cream and devoured the whole slice. I wish the slice was bigger, though my waistline is glad that it was the perfect size for me to get some cheesecake satisfaction without being overly greedy in calories. The syrup didn’t leave that awful sting of sweetness at the back of your mouth either so it was just lovely.

Mysteriously Yours (Mystery Dinner Theatre) [Toronto, Canada}

Out of our whole meal here, I got to say that I was quite impressed with the house white wine. We ordered a litre of it and gulped it down. It was light with a slight touch of sweetness. As you can see above, the wine was smooth and clear, which is just what I like. It also complemented each of our dishes.

Mysteriously Yours (Mystery Dinner Theatre) [Toronto, Canada}

Sammy with the Cast of Mysteriously Yours

After the evening came to an end around 10:30, we were called to make our verdict on who we thought was the murderer. Of course I will not give it away here but unfortunately neither of us were able to solve it correctly. We still walked away from an evening of entertainment and satisfied bellies.

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