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e11even (Toronto, Canada)

e11even Restaurant is the perfect spot to hang out and grab some food, and a drink or two with your mates before a game. Primely located by Front St. and York St. in Maple Leaf Square right outside the Air Canada Centre, e11even gets a buzzing crowd almost every night and especially every night when there is a game on. e11even Restaurant specializes in modern sophisticated North American cuisine.

I love that there is the option of going to e11even near to the Air Canada Centre before a game, as I am sick of going to the just as convenient Real Sports nearby, which I immediately think of wings, tacos, and burgers, boobs on legs and big screen tellies. Yawn. e11even has a lot of character and provides a much more satisfying dining experience. Now why do I say that?

Firstly, you are confronted with buzzing atmosphere. The decor is modern and oozes ‘I am an upscale lounge’ accompanied with iPad menus. iPad menus? Yeaaah, this place is modern and ‘cool’. Make sure you make a reservation in advance as we struggled to get a table without one and had to settle for eating at the bar (not ideal or pleasant).

Second of all, when you sit down, I am quickly attended to and provided with a complimentary cute round bun that is similar to those familiar sweet Chinese bread buns I ate from breakfast as a child. I don’t normally take photos of the complimentary bread because it is usually quite standard and boring. But this bread is not only cute – it is sweet, light, and fluffy. Just an adoring item to savour while waiting for your meal to arrive! I wanted them to bring me another!

Bun at e11even (Toronto, Canada)

Crab Cake with Mustard Remoulade – $21
This was fresh and tasty. I’ve had some pretty bad crab cakes (too fishy tasting) but this was light tasting and  and it was complemented well with tang in the remoulade. I was a little disappointed that we were only provided with one piece, however. One crab cake for $21? Hmm, it was good but not THAT good. I probably won’t order this again because of the price.

Crab Cake with Mustard Remoulade at e11even (Toronto, Canada)

Seared Tuna Salad with Avacado & Ginger Dressing – $25
We were quite impressed by the size of this salad. I am usually left hungry after a tuna salad, but it the amount of greens were abundantly piled up on the plate. Our eyes gawked open when this plate was presented on our table. We just weren’t expecting such size from a place like this. There was a fair amount of tuna on the plate (of decent size too) and it was quite cleanly cut and tasting. The seasoning was perfectly balanced too. Not too salty. I enjoyed the the crunch of the salad paired with the fish. In three words this plate was: fresh, crisp and balanced. Just the way it should be.

Seared Tuna Salad with Avacado & Ginger Dressing at e11even (Toronto, Canada)

 Nova Scotia Lobster Roll with Yukon Fries & Coleslaw – $27

This was my favourite dish of the whole night. The fries were crunchy and not oily tasting. The coleslaw was light and not too tangy. But the hero of this dish was the lobster. This was simply amazing. I want to say that it tasted ‘fresh’ and ‘tasty’ also but those words just don’t cut it. I enjoyed this greatly. It wasn’t sliming full of heavy dressing either. I am aware that this plate set me back $27 + tax + tip, but it was well prepared and I may come back just to eat this.

Nova Scotia Lobster Roll with Yukon Fries & Coleslaw at e11even (Toronto, Canada)

Overall, I had a fantastic time at e11even even if I felt that it dug into my wallet more than I would have liked. I definitely prefer coming here more than Real Sports (haha!) but that’s not really saying a lot. The food really was quite satisfying and the service was commendable. I highly recommend dining here.

e11even Restaurant
15 York Street, Toronto

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