Fall Time in Niagara (Niagara Botanical Gardens and Niagara River)

Posted on 05 November 2012 by Sammy

Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens (Ontario, Canada)

Some of the most gorgeous places in Canada really come to life in the Fall Time. Niagara is one of those places, especially The Niagara Botanical Gardens. It is when the trees turn a variety of shades of yellow, orange and red. It is quite beautiful to witness, especially when the leaves ruffle and fall on your hair and the fallen leaves on the ground crackle under your boots. It makes you feel like a child again – to run around wild, roll around on the ground, and throw leaves up in the air like you’re in a movie scene.

Here’s me acting like a big kid playing with the lovely crisp orange leaves at Niagara Botanical Gardens.

Sammy playing with the Fall Leaves at Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens (Ontario, Canada)

The Niagara Botanical Gardens is a beautifully manicured garden – even in the Fall! The leaves may be gone, but it’s well structured.

Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens in the Fall (Ontario, Canada)(Ontario, Canada)

The Niagara Gorge may have lost most of its colour by November but is another beautiful place in Niagara (and in Ontario!) in the Fall. The water is a sparkling blue especially on a sunny day.

Niagara River (Ontario, Canada)(Ontario, Canada)

The Niagara River

Niagara River (Ontario, Canada)(Ontario, Canada)(Ontario, Canada)

This is one of my favourite photos of Elliott & I

Sammy & Elliott at Niagara River (Ontario, Canada)


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  1. Helen Says:

    Such pretty views! I can’t wait to visit Canada some day, I have a good friend from there too! x
    Helen recently posted..BlogTech: colour design, part 1

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