Fat Cat Wine Bar

Posted on 08 November 2012 by Sammy

Fat Cat Wine Bar (Toronto, Canada)

I recently purchased a Groupon voucher for Oyster Meal with Fondue and Dessert for Two for C$33 ($67 Value) at Fat Cat Wine Bar because I know how much Elliott loves oysters so it seemed like a great deal. The place was very dimly lit but it was nice to have a candlelight atmosphere.

Fat Cat Wine Bar (Toronto, Canada)

The only had Malpeque oysters from Prince Edward Island which is a pretty ordinary oyster which was a little disappointing.

Fat Cat Wine Bar (Toronto, Canada)

We ordered some seared scallops since our voucher didn’t include an actual dinner plate. The scallops were pretty tasty and we were happy to receive 4 large pieces and we also got an abundant supply of beans (but perhaps there were too many here in balance with the number of cherry tomatoes which there should have been more). The oysters were well chilled (plus) and served with a few lemon slices (standard) but no variety of oyster sauces (a let down, but as long as I get tabasco sauce, I’m happy).

Fat Cat Wine Bar (Toronto, Canada)

We were in anticipation of this cheese fondue which took a long time to arrive and when it finally did we were terribly disappointed. It was extremely bitter tasting and inedible. Perhaps too much wine in it? Whatever it was  – it was not enjoyable at all.

Fat Cat Wine Bar (Toronto, Canada)

Fat Cat Wine Bar (Toronto, Canada)

 After that experience, we practically yelled out “bring on the dessert” because we needed something to rescue this night.

And thankfully the dessert did rescue it for me. It was elegantly presented and bursting of sugar which put me back onto a high. I love fresh fruits in a dessert, but I found that I couldn’t finish it because it was actually quite sweet.

Fat Cat Wine Bar (Toronto, Canada)


Will we come back here? No. It’s quite pricey actually and without the deal we would have been even more upset at our experience here. We ended up paying another $50 bucks on top of the $33 we already spent. We think this is far too much to spend and we were still hungry. It’s too bad because we had high expectations of this place. How could you get a night of oysters, fondue, scallops and dessert wrong? Well somehow it did here.

Fat Cat Wine Bar
Roncesvalles Village

331 Roncesvalles Ave
Toronto, ON M6R2M8 
(416) 535-4064

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  1. how Says:

    mmm oysters!
    I hate how coupon deals over-inflates the price, so that the coupons look like a bargain.
    Last year, I bought Scoopon deals for “$120 worth of mouthwatering food for only $39″ and I was still hungry after that

  2. Sammy Says:

    I know, it was completely overpriced! The coupons are such scams!

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