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Posted on 23 January 2013 by Sammy


My hotel promised a continental breakfast, but when we had made it to the kitchen there wasn’t anything left but bananas and pieces of toast. At first thought, I quickly regretted waking up late but we grabbed a banana to go and decided to get ourselves a proper breakfast once we made it into Vieux-Quebec (Old Quebec).

Our hotel was situated west of city, on Rue Saint-Jean so it was a cinch to navigate to Vieux-Quebec. All we had to do was cycle all the way east on the street and voila – we’d be there. We were lucky enough to find ourselves on a perfect summer day. The morning air was crisp and fresh, and we took our time to ride in, enjoying the sights on the way. As soon as we made it to Upper-Town, I recognized the name of a restaurant – The Hobbit. A friend of mine had emailed me a recommendation of this place, having seen a recommendation herself in the Porter Airlines in-flight magazine, re:porter.

We were right here in front of this place, only by chance, so we thought to give it a try. We were greeted warmly by the staff who seated us to a corner patio table right away. It was lovely to be outside on the patio and quiet enough to enjoy a meal and conversation.

We were both able to decide quickly on what to order, there was no doubt about it. Our orders Le Grizzly’s came quickly which includes a poached egg served on an English muffin with smoked salmon and and béarnaise sauce. When our plates were placed on our table, our first thoughts were, “how French” or more simply, “what small portions”, but we quickly forgot about the portions when we broke open the perfectly poached egg and beautiful yellow yolk came oozing out. This had to be the best poached egg I have ever had. No kidding. And don’t get me started on the béarnaise sauce. Just enough flavour – not too salty, just perfect. Everything was fresh and melted in my mouth.

No exaggeration here – this experience has put every other breakfast I’ve had to shame. It just can’t compare. I still talk about how amazing this place was til this day. If I was ever to visit Quebec again, I’m definitely coming back here and telling everyone it deserves my recommendation! After eating here, we were well satisfied with our first meal in Quebec and continued on our way to tourist the city.

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  1. kaszeta Says:

    While I’ve been to Le Hobbit twice, somehow I never thought of seeing if they had a breakfast menu. Thanks for the review, I’ll have to check them out (and they have an outstanding dinner menu…)
    kaszeta recently posted..Atlas Brick Oven Pizzeria (Corning, NY)

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