Milagro Restaurant and Cantina

Posted on 19 May 2013 by Sammy

I just love Milagro! I could have an enjoyable time on a light spring day sitting on the patio or even on a wintery day inside. It always has great atmosphere, fast service and amazing food! I’ve been to Milagro over ten times now and I’ve never once been disappointed. It may be because my taste buds are still jumping up and down from the flavours of Mexican cuisine. One thing I never had the opportunity of appreciating while growing up in Australia is Mexican food. It just wasn’t a cuisine that was readily available but is although quickly becoming more and more popular recently.

One of the perks about Milagro is being able to walk right in and enjoy a freshly made salsa with homemade style tortilla chips immediately. Best of all is that they’re complimentary. So if you’re super hungry and your stomach is calling out to you in desperation you need not worry here! You’ll be able to much on these tortilla chips for as long as you can but make sure you leave some room for the food that is to come out next!

 Milagro (Toronto, Canada)

My favourite way to eat at Milagro is to skip the mains and to eat a bunch of appetizers. Because we already coated our stomachs with a bowl of these crunchy tortilla chips, we only had enough room for 3 appetizers this time but it is not unusual for me to eye out and order 4 or 5.. or even 6! But this is just my regular me wanting to eat more than I can actually handle!

Milagro (Toronto, Canada)

On this particular occassion, we started off with the Ceviche de Camaron ($14.50) which was beaming full of flavours. It was a toss of shrimp, tomatoes, jicama, cilantro and pineapple, topped off with an avacado and a splash of lime. If there was anything to warm up my tastebuds – this was it! Each ingredient tasted so fresh, the textures were so crisp, and the blend of sweet (from the pineapples and red onion) and sour (from the tomatoes, lime and cilantro) was perfectly balanced.

Milagro (Toronto, Canada)

Tostadas del Mar ($10.50)
Snapper, shrimp, oregano oil, serrano, crisp tortilla

Milagro (Toronto, Canada)

Tacos Rosarito ($12)
Sauteed shrimp, refritos, crema, aguacate, salsa rosarito

There is always a reason why I come back to Milagro and that’s because I always have a wonderful experience. Driven by my tastebuds over my wallet, that is.

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