Rye Beach

Posted on 05 June 2013 by Sammy

Rye Beach (Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia)

I just love Rye beach! Rye is a seaside resort town located along the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. Although it isn’t a large beach, but I love it so much so because it’s not as populated as the ones that are closer to Melbourne city.

It’s a beautiful and serene beach by a small town. Best of all, you can just run across the street and have some of the most amazing fish & chips in the woooorrrrld. Yes, the WORLD. It’s got a decently sized pier as well for a breezy stroll.

I have never been here and not had a great time.The water is crystal clear and refreshingly cool.  The white sand is clean and soft. I recall coming straight here after a 25 hour flight from Toronto and taking off my thongs (flip flops, of course!) to feel the goodness of Australia between my toes. Ooooooo yaaaa.

An Australian beach – a place where I proudly call home.

Rye Beach (Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia)

Rye Beach (Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia)

Rye Beach (Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia)


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  1. Alvin Ng Says:

    Haven’t checked your blog in a while and when I do, BHAM, your featured article is on Rye which I’ve just been over the weekend. Freaky.

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