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Marche De La Villette

Posted on 15 October 2010 by Sammy

Boucherie Charcuterie

Restaurant Review: Marche De La Vilette

This place was recommended my horse carriage driver. He said you can get the best french onion soups in town from this place. Upon hearing this, I was craving nothing but french onion soup. Oooohh, just thinking of the goodness *mmmm*

This place is small and extremely busy! I was lucky enough to steal a spot inside just as I arrived but soon after there were lines going out the door. Not only is this place a restaurant but a general store and a butcher too. Saw some awesome cheeses on sale as well.

 Marche De La Vilette Food & Restaurant Photos

Boucherie Charcuterie

French Onion Soup & Quiche

As soon as I was seated – I knew exactly what I wanted. French Onion Soup! I couldn’t understand the menu at all, but I saw something that resembled onion and soup and quiche and got it and this is what I got. Doesn’t it look delicious!


French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup!





While this place had some great food – it didn’t offer the best service in the world. In fact they were quite rude to me probably because I didn’t know any French and they were just too busy to offer any service. I waited for ages for a bill then was just showed that they accept payment at the register…. Nevertheless – if you’re after good food (especially great French Onion Soup) then I recommend this place for sure.


Marche De La Villette

(Old Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

324 Rue St.-Paul Ouest, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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